Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Blogsale Update

Just to let you know that anything that I've received payment for will be being posted today. Yes, I will be THAT person in the post office queue.....

I have deleted all comments from the blogsale post that contain people's email addresses, as I would hate to think anyone might get an increase in spam due to my blog!

There is still plenty left on the blogsale itself, so if you haven't taken a look already then please do, and feel free to make me an offer. I'll be away from my laptop all day so probably easiest to tweet me (@missy_ellie_uk) if you do. Thanks everyone.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Weight Loss Update 2

This is update number 2 - and I'm still going with Slimming World. I'm very proud of myself for sticking with something this long, which I think will make it a lot easier to maintain the weight loss once I've reached a point I'm happy with. I think I've hopefully got past the point where I would usually always just think 'sod it' and give up, and I feel like I will be able to keep myself motivated to keep going for the long term!

I have now lost 24lbs (since the start of February). I've had some very frustrating weeks with little or no weight loss (and even a half pound gain one week), despite having stuck strictly to the diet on those weeks! I think I'm back on track now hopefully. However since my last update, even though I haven't lost as much, I think visually it's become a lot more obvious that I've lost weight. Although I still want to see that number reducing on the scales, I suppose it's better that I'm losing the inches even if the pounds are taking their time.

I think the reason for this is that I've really upped the exercise this month, whereas before I was just dieting and not doing a lot extra. Since the weather's been nice I've been walking home from work instead of taking the bus, I'm still going to Zumba, I've been swimming and to the gym quite a bit, and I've even been jogging - both on the treadmill and on the streets.

I haven't actually really set a target weight for myself. I can't think of a number and think 'I'll look like that when I weigh x', so I'm loosely basing my target on BMI (which I hate, because it gives me a depressingly large amount still to lose just to get into the healthy range) but really I think I'll keep reassessing things and stop when I get to a point where I'm happy with how I look and feel.

Anyone else dieting at the moment? How are you keeping yourself motivated?  

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

NOTD - Nails Inc Lucky Dip no. 4 - Palace Mews

This one is my favourite of all the colours I got in the Lucky Dip offer. I love these lilac shades, especially now it is April and officially Spring, even if the weather is still in denial!

This is quite similar to Barry M Berry Ice Cream, but possibly slightly blue-r. If you like lilacs, you'll like this.

The photo above is 2 coats after 3 days, so you can see there is a little bit of tip wear, but nothing too drastic.

Monday, 4 April 2011

A couple of bargain Essie NOTDs

Yep, a good old NOTD post. My fallback when I don't have a lot of time to post. Sorry guys, I'm just totally lacking inspiration at the moment! But hey, swatches are always useful.


Virgin Orchid:

These are two (of the five) that I got in the Debenhams sale a couple of weekends ago. I'm on a makeup ban this month but I think it might have to be a nail polish ban year as I've accumulated masses of them recently and I'm running out of space for them all!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mother's Day Hair....

Yesterday myself and the husband took my mum and my mother-in-law out for afternoon tea at a posh hotel. I find it really difficult to do smart-casual outfits....for me there's pretty much nothing in between full-on night out glam and scruffy. Neither of which were really appropriate for the occasion. I was probably letting the side down by wearing jeans, but hey ho, the top was silk and I put my hair up so that counts as smart in my book!

Top - Dorothy Perkins; Jeans - Red Herring; Belt - Next; Boots (which really need a clean) - Next; Bag - Fiorelli