Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sleek Pout Paints - Rosette, Minx and Pin-up

It's a while since I got involved with any beauty blogger hype. I think I'm old and cynical wise enough not to rush out and buy something just because everyone else is.  However, I've seen a lot of posts lately singing the praises of the new Sleek Pout Paints - also known as Sleek's dupe of the OCC Lip Tars.

I was only going to get one, I really was. But I am a marketers' dream and always get suckered in by a 3 for 2, so I ended up with 3. I at least tried to get 3 very different shades of the 11 on offer, and ended up with (from top to bottom) Pin Up, Minx and Rosette.

Since I only bought these at lunch-time, I haven't had enough thoughts on them for an in-depth review. But my initial thoughts are:
  • Bargain price (£4.99)
  • Great range of colours (11 in total)
  • Smell nice
  • AMAZING staying power
Here are some hasty, after-work swatches - it's been a hard week so far and you can see it in my under-eye circles and been-in-a-bun-all-week hair.....

I've deliberately not done really close up swatches, as I think a full-face makes it a bit easier to see how the lip colour would look on your own face. And my skin can't take the extreme close-up today!


This isn't the brightest pink in the range, but for me it's still pretty damn bright. It's a blue-toned magenta pink, one I'm a little bit scared to wear so it'll have to be kept for confident days.


This is by far the most wearable of all the shades on offer. I can see me using this a lot. It's a fairly neutral light pinky-nude, which I would definitely wear to work. It doesn't seem to have quite the same lasting power as the other two, but still took a lot more effort to remove than a normal lipstick.


This is a real classic red, without strong blue or orange overtones. To be honest, I preferred the look of this once I'd dabbed it down a bit so it was completely matte. 

Of course, the real beauty of the Pout Paints is that you can mix them together - so most of the fun will be in mixing to create some perfect franken-shades for myself.

Have you bought any of these paints?


  1. I will be getting some of these they look fab. I love you in Red lippy it really suits you xx

  2. Love the red on you! I think I might need these in my life x

  3. These look fab, esp Rosette! xo

  4. im dieing to get my hands on some pout paints but the superdrug where I live is rubbish and doesn't stock them yet :( The red one looks amazing on you x

  5. This might sound weird, but I think you're a Pout Paint person...hear me out, lol. Each of these shades seem to transform your face (in a good way) like the red looks makes you look gorgeously sophisticated and sultry whereas the pink is more fun and seems to bring out the tan in your skin. Out of all the swatches I've seen of these, I think you suit them best. I'm interested to see what you make when you mix them together, though!

  6. Lots of love for the red then!

    @The Student's Guide To Nail Polish I think I know what you mean - I don't wear bright colours a lot but am trying to make more of an effort to, because it completely changes the look of my makeup when I do.

  7. really want to try these out! they look great..


    visit our blog if you get a chance :)

  8. I got three of these but am yet to use them ! I am keen to try them out after seeing your post !


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