Friday, 17 September 2010

Friday Face-Off - Urban Decay Sin vs MAC Naked Lunch

Since as we all know I'm on a spending ban, I'm not going to be able to post about many new products on here for a while. So it's time to bring out some of my old favourites. When I've been sorting through my makeup, one thing I have noticed is that in some cases I have some products that seem very similar, and even some that are near identical dupes for each other.

My Friday Face-Off posts will pit two very similar products against each other, and I'll try to show whether they are dupes or not - so you don't do the same thing as me and end up with loads of versions of the same shade.

Where products do seem like dupes, I'll pick a winner and let you know which one I'd recommend. All clear? Then I'll begin.

Today I'm pitting my two favourite brands of eyeshadow against one another - MAC and Urban Decay. I do like a nice shimmery neutral for an everyday look, and two eyeshadows that I wear a lot of are Naked Lunch (left) and Sin (right). They are both shimmery pale pink champagne colours that I mainly use for a wash of colour over the lid.

I do love them both, but in terms of which one is the best, the swatches speak for themselves. Naked Lunch (left) is buildable, especially over a base, but Sin (right) is way more pigmented and longer lasting.

The winner, clearly, is Sin! Here's how I usually wear it.

(Sin on the lid, Toasted in crease, Hustle in outer corner)

Any other Sin or Naked Lunch fans out there?


  1. Thanks for this! Really helpful, i've been looking into getting some new shadows for a while. tend to stick with the ones i've already got. But which make is sin? xo

  2. I've wanted Naked Lunch for a while, but I guess I'll get Sin instead! It's ridiculous how much more pigmented it is :O

  3. @Victoria India - Sin is an Urban Decay eyeshadow, so the same price as MAC. Glad you found it useful! x

  4. Sin is one of my favourite eyeshadows ever! Love Urban Decay x

  5. They look gorgeous on you! Toasted is such a nice shade too xx


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