Monday, 3 May 2010

Lush haul

I love Bank Holidays. I went into town today for a little shopping trip, which was quite short as Mr Ellie came with me and he has no stamina for shopping! I took a trip to Lush while he went to French Connection (the smell of Lush gives him a headache - wimp!)

I picked up a couple of butterbombs, which are my favourite of the bath ballistics, not least because it doesn't take ages to clean the bath afterwards! I always find that annoying, the ones with rose petals, sparkle etc. are lovely but it means you have a super-relaxing time in the bath, then have to get out and scrub it clean.
I'm on a mission with my cuticles at the moment as they are really dry and gross, and they're spoiling the look of my nails! So I got some Lemony Flutter cuticle cream. I haven't tried this before, but it smells gorgeous, and seems like a little will go a very long way so should last me a long time.

Honey I washed the kids soap, just because it smells gorgeous.

Tea tree toner - I like to use this as a toner in the summer because I find it really refreshing. Since it was really cold and hailing down when I was buying it, its probably a bit early for it yet!

And finally, I got a little sample of Vanishing Cream. I've had a few moisturisers on the go for a while, and they're all nearly running out so I'm on the hunt for a new one.

I'm not even sure why I bothered posting this photo as you can't even see the colours, crappy Blackberry camera! Not that you can tell, but this is my Revlon Lilac Pastelle lipgloss.
I hope everyone has had a good bank holiday weekend.


  1. This brand is new to me, Never heard of it till I started blogging, but it seems to be popular. What are they known for, top sellers?


    xox Laura Beth

  2. HIWTK is a must have, i love it! great haul :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog, too!


  3. @ laura beth - I'm not sure what theyir top sellers are, but for me I think they are probably most famous for their soaps and bath products, and the fact that it is all natural and handmade products.


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